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The Nest App

With the Nest app, your thermostat lives on your wall and in your pocket. Once you connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi, you can control it from anywhere. Adjust the temperature from the app, and the Nest Thermostat adjusts quickly back at home.

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What our clients say

Over the years Ian has completed a whole array of electrical installations from a complete solar panel system, installing additional plugs, garden electrics, security cameras, spot lights and fitting internal spot lights. He does a great job and is customer focused. The tools he uses are up to date and if you want your house automated, he is definitely your man. As most of us are at work when we want jobs doing, it it extremely reassuring that Ian is a trust worthy person. I use him all the time and would recommend him to anyone.

Adrian Cadman

I found Ian to be very proffessional and have a wealth knowledge in his field, helped me out with lights in salon especially as they were faulty.I would recommend him to anyone.

Doreen O'Connell

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